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February 25, 2010

Dr. Brad Oliver selected to CCCU 2010 Leadership Development Institute

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Dr. Brad Oliver, Associate Dean, School of Educational Leadership has been selected by the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities to participate in the 2010 Leadership Development Institute.  According to the CCCU website, “…a multi-year project to strengthen the academic leadership of Christian higher education.  The Leadership Development Institute is intended to identify and equip individuals who have been gifted and called by God to serve as leaders in Christian higher education, primarily as future chief academic officers and presidents.”

Dr. Oliver will be traveling to the Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Center in Sumas, Washington this summer to participate in an intensive leadership development experience before beginning a year-long leadership development initiative that includes shadowing an experienced christian higher education administrator from another CCCU member institution.  Dr. Oliver was nominated for the 2010 Leadership Development Institute by Dr. Bridget Aitchison, Vice President & Dean, College of Adult and Professional Studies.


February 10, 2010

Dr. Sherri Wynn, 2010 Hinds Fellowship Recipient

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Dr. Sherri Wynn, Professor, Department of Adult Teacher Licensure Programs in the School of Educational Leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University has been named a 2010 Hinds Fellowship Recipient.

Dr. Wynn has been an advocate for P-12 education and has gained the respect of her peers as an authority in the area of exceptional learners.

Dr. Wynn’s research application, “Early Identification and Placement of K-6 Students with Potential High Abilities from Culturally, Linguistically, and Economically Disadvantaged Environments,” represents a cogent need to expand the current literature base on exceptional learners.  Given that research examining the inclusion of culturally, linguistically, and economically disadvantaged children in gifted/high ability programs has not been updated for almost four decades, Dr. Wynn’s research proposal offers the promise of understanding the extent to which these children are being given opportunities to be screened, identified, and placed in accelerated academic programs.  The results of Dr. Wynn’s research will better assist teachers and school administrators who are currently experiencing pressure from state and federal accountability initiatives to insure P-12 proficiency of academic standards, regardless of the demographic profile of the child.

Dr. Wynn is a published author, an experienced researcher, and an effective instructor of adult learners.  Her work in the School of Educational Leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University has allowed our institution to become one of the premiere preparation programs for teachers in Indiana.  Dr. Wynn is a world changer who demonstrates the highest degree of character, scholarship, and leadership in keeping with our University’s mission.

Dr. Mark Eastridge & Crawford County Community School Corporation Recognized

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Dr. Mark Eastridge, Superintendent of Crawford County Community School Corporation, and adjunct faculty member in the School of Educational Leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University, is pictured with members of his school board after learning that a third school in his district (out of six) has been nominated as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.  In addition to having three schools recognized nationally, Dr. Eastridge’s school district has had two schools honored by the Indiana Department of Education as Four Star Schools.

Dr. Eastridge is quick to point out that his faculty and staff are responsible for doing all the “heavy lifting”, but school board members, parents, faculty, and staff are quick to recognize that Dr. Mark Eastridge is a Christ-centered World Changer who is making a difference for P-12 students in Indiana.  Congratulations to Dr. Eastridge and the entire Crawford County Community School Corporation for consistent demonstrated excellence.

IWU Faculty to Present at 2010 Teaching Professor Conference

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Dr. Jerry Woodbridge, Dr. Jackie Mangieri, and Dr. Danan Myers-Wylie have been selected to present at the 2010 Teaching Professor Conference in Cambridge, MA.  The Teaching Professor Conferencce will take place May 21-23, 2010.  Their session is entitled, “How to engage, inspire, and educate students using current research and web 2.0 tools?” 

Their presentation is intended to educate virtual teachers on how to implement 21st Century Standards in their classrooms using the Community of Inquiry process: social, teaching, and cognitive presence. Using this process teachers will learn the importance of engaging their students by using Web 2.0 audio, visual, and collaborative tools in the classroom.  The following is a short summary of the theoretical foundation offered by these SoEL faculty presenters:

The Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework developed by Garrison, Anderson and Archer (2000)…is considered a theoretical model of online learning processes to encourage engagement in the online classroom.  CoI is a constructivist process model, assuming effective online learning requires the development of community through a social presence, teacher presence, and cognitive presence. Along with CoI, 21st Century Standards also are written to engage the learner. With both of these initiatives, online courses need to go beyond the text-based course materials to build this community of engagement.

Web 2.0 tools are changing the way students learn in today’s classroom. By using  tools that engage and inspire learning, teachers can create a community of learning; enhancing the education process. Richardson (2009) states that by using Web 2.0 tools, teachers can create powerful learning networks and communities that go beyond the walls of the classroom. In classes where teachers use these tools, students reported  that teachers have given them more individual feedback and they have developed positive social relationships with the instructor and peers (November, 2001).  Therefore, using Web 2.0 tools, teachers are meeting the CoI framework and 21st Century Standards in their classrooms.”

Congratulations to Dr. Woodbridge, Dr. Mangieri, and Dr. Danan Myers-Wylie for being selected to present at this year’s Teaching Professor Conference!

January 13, 2010

Dr. Ella Bush to be Honored

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Dr. Ella Bush, Assistant Professor in the School of Educational Leadership has been nominated by the Gary, Indiana Frontiers Service Club to receive the Drum Major Award at the club’s annual Martin Luther, Kr. Jr. Memorial Breakfast this Saturday, January 16th.  Dr. Bush is one of seven nominees for this award that honors residents of the Gary, Indiana community that have dedicated their lives to improving the human condition in a manner reflective of Dr. King’s “Drum Major Instinct” speech.  Dr. Bush is a world changer who is using her professional experiences as a public educator and university professor to direct a community service agency in Gary, Indiana.  In an article that appeared in The Times (a local newspaper in Gary, Indiana) on January 12th, Dr. Bush stated that her experience working for Indiana Wesleyan University has affected her desire to pursue community service and she described her passion to help others become world changers.  The following link will take you The Times newspaper article:  http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/lake/article_a238837d-19da-52ad-8c48-d328b8943019.html.  Congratulations, Dr. Bush!

January 5, 2010

Destin Haas, PLP Cohort 32, named District IV Principal of the Year

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District VII Principal of the YearMr. Destin Haas has been named Indiana District IV Principal of the Year.  Destin started his career in education at Benton Central Jr./Sr. High School in 1997 as a history teacher, and was name principal in 2007.  Destin completed Indiana Wesleyan University’s Principal Leadership Program as a member of cohort, PLP 32.

Destin’s impact as a world changer has been great.  Two new programs started this year are a Credit Recovery Program and Project Lead the Way Pre-Engineering Program.  In 2008, due to a reduction in staff and consequently not being able to offer Physics II/AP Physics, he determined the best option for the 17 students this would affect would be to offer “Zero Hour”, enabling the students to meet Academic Honors Diploma requirements.

Destin says he challenges his staff on a daily basis to remember why they got into the education field.  “By working to change the culture, which can be a challenge, the learning community will witness firsthand the positive changes that are taking place.”

Dr. Mike Trego to Co-Chair State Committee

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Dr. Mike Trego, Director, Department of Educational Administration, has been appointed co-chairperson of a new committee tasked by Dr. Marg Mast, at the Indiana Department of Education, to develop an Indiana addendum to the School Leadership Licensure Assessment (SLLA). The SLLA is a required examination for any prospective school administrator seeking a license to be a building principal in the state of Indiana.  Dr. Trego’s appointment was supported by Dr. Elizabeth Niebert, Assessment Director, Educational Testing Services (ETS).  ETS owns the SLLA exam.

Dr. Trego has served as a national SLLA reviewer and his leadership has contributed to an effective Principal Licensure Program (PLP) at Indiana Wesleyan University.  To date, a total of 588 PLP candidates at Indiana Wesleyan University have attempted to pass the SLLA.  Of these candidates, 98.3% (or 578 out of 588) have passed the SLLA with an average passing score of 180.  The mean passing score in the state of Indiana required for the principal license is currently 163.  Of the less than 2% of all IWU candidates who do not pass the SLLA, these candidates still posted an average passing score of 161.57. 

Dr. Trego’s leadership to this important state initiative comes at a critical time when Indiana is currently set to revise licensure guidelines for school administrators.  Congratulations to Dr. Mike Trego on this well deserved appointment.

December 21, 2009

“Don’t Wait Too Long” – Russell Fox, Candidate Testimonial

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During the 6:00pm graduation ceremony at Indiana Wesleyan University, Russell L. Fox, MED 352 candidate offered the graduate testimonial.  Russell is a high school English teacher in Independence, Kentucky and as he noted in his remarks on Saturday evening, he came to the M.Ed. program to fulill a requirement in the state of Kentucky to complete a master’s degree program — but what he gained from his IWU experience was so much more. 

Russell paid special tribute to M.Ed. 352 Instructor/Advisor, Dr. Dave Arnold.  In response to Russell’s honest assessment of his spiritual condition that he had been procrastinating in pursuing a relationship with God, Dr. Arnold responded simply, “Don’t wait too long.”  According to Russell, Dr. Arnold’s response demonstrated genuine care for Russell’s spiritual well-being.

With Russell’s permission, the entire context of his remarks are being made available below: 

I feel both honored and awkward standing before you today.  I feel honored because I have a deep respect for Indiana Wesleyan University, and an appreciation for the work my fellow cohort members produced during our eighteen months together.  I feel awkward because I am standing before you, having been given the opportunity to speak to you, even though I’m not the smartest student in my cohort (you either, Keith).  I was an average student in high school, an average athlete, and I was average-looking, so I went around trying to make everyone laugh, and seeking recognition wherever I could find it.  Now, it’s been given to me… and it’s awkward.

One of the first things that impressed me about our cohort was that there were teachers who were earning their master’s degrees because they wanted to become better teachers.  Because I teach in Kentucky, I had no choice but to get my master’s degree.   I thought I knew everything I needed to know and that earning my Master’s degree would be just another hoop to jump through.

Our first class was Contemporary Issues in Education, taught by Dr. Schomburg.   Being a somewhat politically-minded individual, I dove right into this class, and my first three-page paper was eleven pages long.  I remember laughing at myself, remembering three-page papers as an undergraduate that were two pages long on a good day.  What had changed?  My best guess is that seven years of teaching accelerated students had affected me without my realizing it.  Watching my students strive for perfection, revising and rewriting papers and completing optional assignments, I began to understand the pursuit of excellence, and to recognize the value of a job well done.

Ironically, though, the most important impact that Indiana Wesleyan had on my life had nothing to do with scholarship.  The most significant impact was spiritual.  I remember once responding to a reflection prompt that challenged me spiritually, asking when I had recently connected with God.  I was honest, and responded that I had been a little off track spiritually, and that I felt as if I were procrastinating before returning to where I needed to be.  Dr. Arnold responded with only four words: “Don’t wait too long.”  I knew that he genuinely cared about my spiritual well-being, and I heeded his warning.  The last time we met together, we had a meaningful discussion of God, education, family, and politics.  I remember these two moments more clearly than any assignment I completed during the program.

This is how I learn.  This is how I teach.  I discovered a long time ago that, when a student has the idea that a teacher genuinely cares about him or her, that student will exert amazing effort, and produce greater-than-expected work.  That is why I spend time after school talking with heartbroken teenagers, why the walls of my classroom are decorated with student artwork and pictures, why I dressed in full hockey gear and rollerbladed around the school on Halloween, and why I attended a student’s graduation from drug rehabilitation last year. 

When we care about others, we can lead effectively, because those who follow must believe we have their best interests in mind. 

I would like to thank my wife, Emily, for holding down the fort and taking care of our son while I went to class and wrote papers, my fellow cohort members, especially Keith, whom I text-messaged every other day to make sure I was on the right track, and Greg, who inspired us all with a story about participating in a psychological study that we are all still struggling to understand.  I would like to thank Dr. Schomburg for his knowledge and excellence as a teacher, Dr. Arnold for listening and caring, and helping me to believe in myself, Dr. Beadle for allowing me to leave class early once so I could go play in a hockey tournament, and, of course, God, without whom I wouldn’t be here.  May we all learn to follow him as we become leaders ourselves.

December 9, 2009

REPA Rule Change Update

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The proposed Rule Revisions for Educator Preparation and Accountabilty (REPA) continue to be modified by the Indiana Professional Standards Advisory Board.  The next meeting of the Board is tomorrow, December 10, 2009, where they will continue the process of going through the proposed rule change a section at a time.   It is anticipated that the Board will vote to approve a final version of the proposed REPA rule at their January 7, 2010 meeting.  This will make it possible for the state of Indiana to submit its application for “Race to the Top” funds before the January 19, 2010 deadline set by the federal government.

It is important that all educators and future educators stay abreast of the proposed rule change.  If you have yet to review the proposed rule, you may view the REPA draft at http://mustang.doe.state.in.us/dg/repa/20090930-IR-515090481PRA.xml.pdf.

December 8, 2009

Department of Educational Leadership Distributes RTI Books

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Dr. Mike Trego and faculty members from the Department of Educational Leadership recently participated in annual meetings for the Indiana Association of School Principals (IASP) and the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents (IAPSS).  Through a collaboration with the Indiana Association of School Principals, IWU’s School of Educational Leadership helped publish and distribute free of charge to Indiana school administrators a resource book on Response to Intervention.  Dr. Trego reports that over 282 books were distributed to Indiana’s principals at the IASP meeting and another 250 books were distributed to Indiana’s school superintendents at the IAPSS meeting.  This resource guide featured IWU’s logo prominently on the front cover, included a greeting from IWU faculty member, Dr. Al Long, and featured distinguished M.Ed. alum and 2008 Indiana Teacher of the Year, Dan Kutnik, on the back cover with an overview of the education programs currently available through the School of Educational Leadership.

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